Hugo Winter, an adventurous American smuggler, is in trouble. After a deal goes wrong in India, Hugo finds himself in debt to dangerous gangsters and unable to support his wife and child; he must find a way out, fast.

At a London warehouse party, he is given a taste of a rare, sacred herb from Uganda called Bulu, which is said to give the user the powers of prophecy. In a Bulu trance, Hugo has a shocking and mystical vision of himself in Uganda. Hugo takes this as a cue to escape to central Africa, buy a load of Bulu and thereby solve his money problems.

Following his Bulu visions, Hugo tracks down two sisters who can help him achieve his goal: a born-again Christian farmer, Kisakye, and a rebellious urban hustler, Angela. Hugo ventures with Kisakye and Angela deep into the Ugandan forest to the remote village of Makaana, where the Bulu is grown in secret.

However, all is not well in the village: the community is torn between the dominating Christian church and the power of the African spirit world. Meanwhile, the competing agendas of Kisakye and Angela force Hugo to choose which one of the sisters he will trust. As Hugo becomes entangled in webs of religion, romance and foul-play, his growing addiction to the mysterious Bulu threatens both his sanity and his very life.